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Kitchen Design Inspiration :: Woodworkers Naples

A well-designed kitchen space goes way beyond functionality...  Architectural form, intuitive functionality, innovative space planning and visually inspiring design features enhance the beauty of our kitchen spaces to a whole new level.

Marsala at Tiburon Golf and Country Club

Handcrafted Cabinetry Build & Install, Woodworkers Naples | Cabinetry & Interior Space Design, Marcus Jelley |  General Contractor, David Sturdyvin for Artisan Associates

This week, we are proud to showcase a contemporary kitchen, designed by Marcus Jelley on behalf of Woodworkers Naples.  The project, located within Marsala at Tiburon Golf and Country Club, features an inspiring kitchen / wet bar to complement the clients sensational custom construction home, by David Sturdyvin for Artisan Associates.

Initially, the floor plan was re-jigged for an improved flowing open-plan space, and to connect kitchen - dining room by creating a walk through within the cabinetry, seen on kitchen elevation 2 below.

Contrasting solid maple cabinetry in dark stain and white custom enamel paint finishes are cleverly juxtaposed together, yet remain separated by a unique architectural cabinetry frame design.  This concept by Marcus Jelley creates two major focal points within the space and allows for effortless transition between the finishes.

The dark stained cabinetry area features a built-in stainless steel Sub Zero fridge freezer, wet bar with nine equally proportioned LED lit frosted glass cabinets and secret pull out pantries built into the vertical frames either side of the walk through to dining room (complete with a high-end german racking system on glides).

The white enamel custom painted cabinetry doors feature a unique linear stepped beading detail and stacked cabinets to the ceiling with LED backlit frosted glass inserts.

The range oven is stepped forward to accommodate a floor to ceiling marble backsplash matching the marble countertop surfaces and creating the second focal point.  A balanced blend of form and function - the break front detail is proportionally exactly the same size as the island marble countertop, perfectly complementing each other.

Our thanks to clients at Marsala, Tiburon Golf and Country Club for allowing us to photograph their beautiful home!

Woodworkers Naples also create incredibly detailed and unique independent pieces of furniture to enhance and update a space.   Below is an exquisite handcrafted custom cabinetry refrigeration armoire, by Woodworkers Naples for a home in Pine Ridge Estates, Naples… 

Fully Custom Handcrafted Walnut Refrigeration Doors by Woodworkers Naples

A customer recently visited our workshop with a vision to create an elegant, functional and beautiful piece of furniture to conceal their refrigeration.  This client wanted to do more than simply integrate with the current kitchen design - but wanted to enhance the beauty of the room as an independent artistic piece.

Two 36-inch unique classically styled walnut panel refrigeration doors and freezer drawers beneath were designed by Woodworkers Naples, featuring heavy raised panels, styles, rails and mullions.  An opening was created in the customer's kitchen and drywalled to fit the template width and height.

Our talented master woodworker, Damien Wardein milled to the project design specification, profiled the pattern with special jigs and crafted all incredibly complex joinery slowly by hand using chisels and hand saws.

The walnut was grain color and thread matched throughout allowing for consistency on the piece and finished with a clear coat of varnish, antique mirror inserts and gorgeous solid handmade brass handles.

Summer inspiration!

Daniel Fusco

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Handcrafted walnut refrigeration by master woodworker Damien Wardein for Woodworkers Naples

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