Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome to Fall 2014 - Woodworkers Naples

Contemporary Display Cabinet handcrafted by Master Craftsman and Founder of Woodworkers Naples, Gary Fusco.

Welcome to the Fall...  The summer months were a busy and exciting time at Woodworkers Naples and the team have a lot to look forward to this coming season.  The workshop is buzzing with interesting new projects and we have chosen to showcase a beautifully handcrafted contemporary display cabinet, by master craftsman and founder of Woodworkers Naples, Gary Fusco.

The design concept by Allan Hendy Designs cleverly blends architectural form and function and was presented to us by New Haven Builders, on behalf of clients located in the elegant and luxurious Cap Ferrat, within Pelican Bay Community.

Design Concept by Allan Hendy Designs

The frame was constructed from four pieces of plain sliced Maple mitred together to hide unattractive seams/end grain and to ensure the side posts sat perfectly straight and stable, (solid wood can move!)  The frame needed to be very precise - with accuracy to a 1/32" for all the pieces to fit together...

The aluminum track supporting each glass shelf conceals a light and diffuser within, enabling light to shine through the edge of the glass on all 4 sides.  There is additional light at the top of the cabinet to shine down from above.

Gary Fusco is a highly skilled artisan with an extensive knowledge of woodworking, drawn from a lifetime of experience.  Usually immersed in engineering, preparing things to go into the shop and supporting his son, Daniel from the back office - his love of finely detailed work brought him back into the workshop to 'pick up the tools' for this particular project!  Originally founding Woodworker's Cabinet in Chicago, 1979, Gary spotted an emerging market in Southwest Florida.  The company promptly relocated to become the first luxury custom cabinet shop in Naples.

'Finely detailed and beautifully handcrafted perfection.  Our clients inspire us...  We love what we do.'

Gary Fusco

We are proud to provide elite design and craftsmanship that is built to last in our state-of-the-art workshop and a huge thanks to our amazing team for an incredible reputation locally.

The Team at Woodworkers.

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