Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Team at WOODWORKERS NAPLES - Master Artisan, Chris Schoener

"Accentuating the natural character of the wood makes each piece unique.  Lacquer and tung oil create an iridescence like a pearl." 
Chris Schoener

Woodworkers Naples pride ourselves in consistently being the leading provider of fine interior woodwork and finishes in Naples, Florida.  This accolade would not be possible without our team of passionate skilled artisans, who share decades of combined experience transforming blueprints into beautiful furniture, fine cabinetry and architectural details.

We value every individual at Woodworkers Naples and wanted to focus on some of our incredible artisans!  The latest addition to our team is the talented Chris Schoener, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our workshop.  Not only a fine master woodworker with a lifetime of experience, Chris boasts organizational and project management skills, acquired from running his own fine woodworking workshop in New Orleans for 12 years.  (He was instrumental in rebuilding homes and furniture in the city post Hurricane Katrina in 2005.)  Chris specializes in intricate and complicated curved woodworking and has an incredible attention to detail throughout our projects.

Handcrafting exotic hardwoods such as rosewood, paduc, Australian lacewood and sassafras into exquisite pieces of furniture and art forms, has always been a lifelong passion.  Initially collecting waste exotic wood he couldn't bear to discard, (some of which is endangered), Chris meticulously began to recycle the waste into handcrafted pieces of art.  His obvious skill was quickly recognized and he found himself being commissioned to craft museum quality pieces.  This includes a wedding gift fashioned from purpleheart wood, reclaimed from the VA hospital benches in New Orleans, post Hurricane Katrina.

Art as a functional form - Rifle Blank formed by 20,000 slices of exotic wood laminated together.

His most elaborate creation to date is a blank of wood that will be carved by an architectural gunsmith into a bespoke shooting rifle.  The forend tip and rifle butt feature a beautiful checkerboard design, with the grain of wood running in the same direction to transfer energy towards the shoulder. The layers of glue between each slice act a shock absorbers, also to diminish energy towards the back.

A talented, dedicated addition to our team!

The Team at Woodworkers.
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